Tuesday 12 May 2015

Enterprise Desktop Video Conferencing Impacts Major Industries

Desktop video conferencing is rapidly on the rise. Businesses are now increasingly understanding the tremendous power offered by enterprise desktop video conferencing, and now this technology is no longer viewed as something that is simply nice to have but has become a vital element of any organization.

Today’s increasingly disparate workforces often experience struggles with the ability to find time to connect and collaborate in a face-to-face manner. With businesses increasingly located around the far flung corners of the globe, face-to-face collaboration often means juggling schedules and dealing with exorbitant travel costs. Even so, with advanced desktop video conferencing solutions, such as those offered by R-HUB web conferencing servers, employers are now able to ensure that employees are able to connect with one another regardless of their location. Businesses can also leverage web conferencing to meet with clients from around the world, a tremendous advantage in today’s growing global economy. At one time, proximity was the most vital element for connectivity, but times have changed. Today, the most important factor for connectivity is technology.

Why Are Major Industries Using Desktop Video Conferencing Technology?
Beyond enhanced communication and collaboration, many factors that promote the increased use of enterprise desktop video conferencing across major industries.

Growth of Tablets  -  In recent years, the growth of tablet device sales has reached astronomical proportions. Not only are consumers using tablets for personal use, but also an increasing number of businesses are now using iPads and other tablet devices in the office in a variety of different industries. The crisp image resolution and portability offered by tablet devices lends itself quite well for such tablets being used to participate in web conferences. As a result, tablets are now contributing to the growth of virtual conferencing.

Popularity of Video Content - Today, we live in an online world that is increasingly content driven. The simple fact is that people love to watch videos and tend to prefer video content over text. As we live in a visual culture, video conferencing has made it possible for people to communicate with colleagues and clients via the medium they prefer the most—video.

Connecting Via the Cloud – Now that an increasing number of organizations are using cloud solutions for managing business networks, it has become more possible than ever for employees to connect with work and colleagues using any device. The availability of such technology has also resulted in an increase in the use of enterprise desktop video conferencing within business. This is primarily because employees prefer the option of being able to participate in conferences via their iPad, Android phone, or even work PC.

R-HUB Desktop Video Conferencing Solutions
If you have not yet implemented a desktop video conferencing solution in your workforce, there is certainly no time like the present. Call us at +44 (0)1925 659 523 or email us at sales@collaboration-technologies.co.uk to learn more about web conferencing and sign up for a free trial to experience the power of desktop video conferencing for yourself.

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