Thursday 8 December 2016

6 Good Reasons to Conduct Job Interviews through Video Conferencing

Web conferencing makes hiring processes so inexpensive and convenient as to place the companies that keep  stuck to traditional face-to-face job interviews at a real disadvantage on the difficult talent market of today. So, switching to video interviewing has become a necessity for almost every organization. 

In many companies, video conference interviewing has replaced the traditional face-to-face meeting in the manager’s office. Why? In a nutshell, video recruiting is faster, easier to organize, more productive of results, saves time and money and allows for re-evaluation later on.

To cut it short, keeping stuck to the traditional methods means falling far behind the theoretical curve of progressiveness in HR practice. Now, the question that comes up is how video interviewing can actually help a company to win the war for best talents over competitors. There are at least six good reasons to conduct job interviews through video conferencing
  1. Save time and money
According to a survey of an Aberdeen Group of Study, 72 per cent of a pool of managers identified “the reduction in travel costs” as the primary reason to prefer video recruiting. Another important reason is the elimination of lost travel time associated with traditional face-to-face interviewing. Consider also that these benefits are multiplied when international talents are involved.
  1. Get in touch with top talents faster
Interviewing best talented candidates is difficult, as they are busy and in high demand. Video recruiting allows a company to connect to potential talents in the flexible, informal and noncommittal way they like, which increases recruiters’ chances to get an opportunity.
  1. Expand Your Pool of candidates
According to a research of Georgetown University, the shortfall of skilled workers will get  over five million by 2020. In the short time, the only possible way to manage the skills gap problem is to look outside your local candidate pools. Video interviewing allows recruiters to connect with potential candidates from all over the world. In this way, the candidate pool of a company is easily widened, and finding someone with the right skills becomes easy, fast and cheap.
  1. Get access to global talents
According to experts, the problem of the future could be a global talent mismatch rather than a talent shortage. It means that there are talent surpluses in some regions of the world accompanied with shortages in others. The effect is that business is compelled to outsource abroad. In this scenario, video interviewing is crucial to reach off-shore talents in an effective and inexpensive way.
  1. Connect with passive candidates
Already employed workers are often sought after, as their current roles demonstrate their skills. Likely, 77 per cent of insiders are open to new opportunities, according to a recent study by CareerBuilder. However, it is difficult to interview them because of their highly scheduled time. A video conference can be very helpful in this scenario, as it allows a company to conduct a job interview with a flexible schedule.
  1. Enrich the job interview experience
Video interviewing enables recruiters to use all the multimedia tools, like online portfolios, live work samples, slides, presentations and shared documents right alongside the interview discussion. In that way a job interview becomes an exciting, multimedia enriched experience, very different from the dim days of face-to-face meetings in the boss’ office. Another benefit is that recruiters can test candidates’ skills in working in cyberspace and integrating with technology.

To summarize up, the benefits of video interviewing are mainly in terms of cost reduction, faster results and bigger flexibility. These factors will ultimately enhance your ability to attract critical talents in today’s competitive candidate market.

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Thursday 1 December 2016

Why Your Business Grows Through Web Conferencing?

The standard answer is simple: web conferencing makes your organization faster and more efficient, so that a lot of time and money is saved with great advantages for both customers and employees. Yet, there are other deeper reasons behind that are well worth knowing. So, how does it work in detail? In this article, we will outline eight other ways any business profits form web conferencing different from the ones usually given.
Why your business grows through web conferencing? It is not only about saving some money on trips and travels; the reasons are more complex than it can appear at first sight and imply some unexpected effects of online meetings, like the increase of the level of satisfaction of both customers and employees. Thus, the ways a firm can profit form web conferencing are at least eight:
Employees work more – This is evident. They simply use the time that is wasted through the downtimes of travelling in another – and more productive – way that is working. So, it is not surprising that their productivity increases suddenly.
A lot of money is saved – Online meeting costs are decisively lower than the ones of face-to-face meetings. The issue is that the prices of traveling have been significantly increasing in recent years, whatever mean of transportation used.
Morale is boosted – Online meetings are flexible and convenient in themselves, as participants need only an internet connection to join. But there is another important aspect to consider that is psychological. The opportunity to speak to anyone at any time helps dispersed team members feel like they are part of a tightly united team, improving their morale and – hopefully – their results.
Meetings can be easily recorded – Web conferences can be easily recorded, so that the staff members who were unable to attend the meeting can watch the recordings later. A recording of your key strategy and training sessions could be useful for both new staff members and customers, as you do not need to arrange other meetings and repeat your explanations again and again.
Your company can hire the best talent, regardless of his location – Any HR chief or recruiter can reach anybody anywhere in just one click through web conferencing. This gives your company the huge opportunity to search for the best talent in the world, without being limited by a narrow and difficult local job market.
The quality of life improves for both employees and customers – To understand this point, simply think how much stressful it is driving through a traffic jam and travelling by plane. If you are a customer, think how much time you waste in waiting someone that has got his flight delayed or the car stuck in the traffic.
It betters client relationships – Web conferencing allows companies to keep in touch with their clients on a more regular basis. “A picture is worth a thousand words” might be a trite cliché, yet it seems to be still true in the domain of relationships.
Clients are more involved – Customers are more involved, being online meetings more interactive than phone calls, as it is possible to share documents, videos, and even desktops.
Surprised to discover how much web conferencing can impact your business? Tough, these are only some of the ways this new technology has been affecting the business world and the whole society. If you are interested in these topics, you are going to find further articles, posts and materials on R-HUB web site,