Thursday 9 June 2016

R-HUB Communications steps up to the plate, Once Again!

As a Distributor for R-HUB for several years now, I can honestly say it is common place that R-HUB listens to its customers suggestions and   requirements, when it involves product and software improvements.

R-HUB customers are aware of the 6-in-1 and the Remote Support appliance, with most customers purchasing the 6-in-1 appliance. However, some customers
did not have the need or requirements to use all the rich features, and only have the need to use just 1 feature.

As I mentioned, R-HUB listened, and now they have introduced individual servers to meet their customers' requirements!

These are the New servers that are available for its new and existing customers.

1. TurboMeeting Web Conferencing Servers
2. TurboMeeting Thin Web Conferencing Servers
3. TurboMeeting HD Video Conferencing Servers
4. TurboMeeting All-in-One Collaboration Servers
5. TurboSupport Remote Support Servers
6. TurboSupport Remote Access Servers
7. TurboSupport Remote Support & Access Servers

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