Friday 26 June 2015

HD Desktop Video Conferencing and Education Make a Perfect Team

How would the ability to conduct online classes all over the world benefit your organization or institution? While it might sound like wishful thinking, thanks to modern advances in video conferencing, it is now entirely possible to do just that. You can now use R-HUB HD desktop video conferencing technology to give students a virtual seat in any classroom, regardless of where they may be located. 

build_trustEvery day, educators are developing more unique ways to utilize HD desktop video conferencing. Furthermore, most educators are now choosing R-HUB products to deliver instruction to their students. Below are just a few of the ways in which your school can use HD desktop video collaboration:

Take Classes on Virtual Field Trips - When budgetary issues or lack of time makes it impractical or physically impossible to travel, video conferencing can save the day.

Broadcast Administrative Policies and News Directly to the Classroom - With the assistance of HD desktop video technology from R-HUB, school-wide news can now be broadcast over classroom televisions rather than requiring students to attend assemblies, taking time away from the classroom.

Bring Experts to the Classroom Virtually - Inviting experts into the classroom is an excellent way to bring new meaning to a lesson. Unfortunately, busy schedules and job requirements frequently prevent such experts from making such visits. Fortunately, desktop video conferencing eliminates the time and hassle of travel, thus making it easy to practically beam subject-matter experts directly into the classroom from anywhere in the world.

Expand Access to Students in Rural Communities - In the past, students in sparsely populated rural areas frequently had no choice but to miss out on many opportunities their urban and suburban peers were able to take for granted. Given that being bussed to school can take hours, it should come as no surprise that education must take a back seat to other obligations.

Connecting rural students via video conferencing allows them the benefit of being able to attend school from home while also providing them with access to experts and field trips they might otherwise never have the opportunity to experience. Such opportunities can dramatically improve the quality of their learning experience and ensure they are able to take advantage of a public education.

Stream, Record, and Archive Sessions for Future Playback - For staff development meetings and classroom lectures, video sessions can also prove to be helpful by being recorded for students to view at a later date. Whether a student has missed class due to being absent or he or she simply wishes to review content during study time, the benefits are immeasurable.
At R-HUB Desktop Video Conferencing, we are completely committed to providing educators from K-12 schools to upper-level institutions with the solutions they need to adapt to an ever-changing and increasingly globalized world.

These are just a few of the ways in which HD desktop video conferencing can improve the scope and the quality of the education provided to your students. Think of all of the ways in which you can make R-HUB work for your facility and students.

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Friday 12 June 2015

Collaboration Technologies announced today the appointment of a key Channel Reseller Partner, in Germany!

RHUB Communications Inc. and Collaboration Technologies Ltd announced today the appointment of a key Channel Reseller Partner, Germany based Fahr & Partner Ltd. & Co KG.

UK based Collaboration Technologies is a Northern European Master Distributor, for RHUB Communications Inc., and its award-winning TurboMeeting Web Conferencing and Remote Support solutions.

Germany based Fahr & Partner Ltd. & Co KG has been awarded Master Reseller, Gold Partner status with Collaboration Technologies. "Fahr & Partner Ltd. & Co KG is a very strategic appointment, not least because of their understanding of "All Things IT", and we are excited to welcome them aboard, said Phil Suter, MD of Collaboration Technologies.

CEO Helmut Fahr, Fahr & Partner Ltd. & Co KG added, "We are delighted with the rich functionality of RHUBs offering. We have been delivering collaborative solutions to our clients for 5 years, and RHUB is a major addition to the suite of technologies we use to develop our range of solutions.

RHUB's ease of use, and the excellent user experience, combined with its great pricing make it a powerful player in this rapidly expanding market. Especially the ownership of the appliances will give the company the skills to act on their market. The support we have had from Collaboration Technologies and RHUB in the US has been first rate, said Helmut Fahr".

RHUB's on-premise solution can be purchased for a once-only low cost price, with NO on-going fees, and can be Branded to that individual's company or organisation. Some of the standard features that come with our On-Premise solution are Web conferencing, Remote Support, Audio Conferencing, Video Conferencing, Remote Access and Web Seminar's, and much more, said Phil Suter.