Friday 1 August 2014

Remote Support and Web Conferencing iOS App Offers Same Level of Functionality

With the iPhone and iPad becoming more mainstream, they have also increasingly become a topic of hot conversation at RHUB. It seems that everyone today has an app for everything. The idea of developing a RHUB app for the iPad has always been appealing. Even so, we were cautious about moving forward with the release of an app because we did not want to rush into throwing out a hastily developed piece of technology that would not really allow our users to do to do everything that they needed to be able to do. 
RHUB has become known as a feature-rich solution that provides our customers with in-depth functionality and support tools. We are quite proud of our competitiveness and the fact that we are the only product on the market that can provide that level of robust functionality. In the process of developing an app, we wanted to ensure that we did not offer anything less than the best when it came to remote support and web conferencing from the iPad. We believe that this is precisely what we were able to do with our app.
The RHUB iPad app gives businesses almost all of the same functionality as they are able to enjoy when providing remote support or conducting online meetings from a laptop or desktop. In fact, the RHUB iPad console extends far beyond the capability of basic remote access or online meeting app. With our robust app, users can join or even host meetings from anywhere and at any time with their iPhones or iPads. This makes the app tremendously beneficial for frequent travelers as well as anyone else who does not want to be tied down to a laptop or computer while hosting or joining meetings. The app makes it possible for users to maintain complete flexibility.
Available from the Apple App Store, TurboMeeting iOS app for iPhone and iPad provides users with a wealth of robust capabilities, including:
  • Join meetings and be able to be heard and hear others through VoIP. Users can also participate in chat or polls as well as become a controller with the app.
  • Begin a remote support session with the iPad or iPhone controlling another Mac computer or Windows PC.
  • Host interactive webinars or meetings
As the world becomes increasingly mobile, it has also become more important for our users to be able to accomplish more from their mobile devices. By providing our customers with the same level of functionality on mobile devices that is available from a laptop or computer, we are continuing to improve the level of support that we are able to provide to our valued customers. While mobile technology may well continue to evolve and develop in the future, RHUB will be there to meet those developments and provide the same unparalleled functionality, mobility, and flexibility.
To learn more about the RHUB iOS app, contact us at +44 (0)1925 659523 or email us at

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